JCC Fitness has reopened at 25% capacity for Covid 19 social distancing.  Masks are mandatory.   Please check out our Facebook Page for Live Classes @jerseyfit for Virtual Workouts.  JCC Offices, Pre-School and Camp are Open.  The Axelrod Theater remains closed until further notice. 



Each week J-FIT provides members with a revolving schedule of classes designed for every fitness level. From cardio and strength training to water-based exercises, yoga and more, our robust schedule of classes are unmatched.

J-FIT also offers personal training sessions for those looking for a more customized approach to their fitness.

Group classes include:

20/20/20 – Three workouts in one! Enjoy a remarkably invigorating interval workout that brings together the best practices in cardio and strength training to build your fitness level.

Aquacise Workouts

  • Aquacise – Reinvigorate your workout with easy to follow exercises that leverage the warm water to amplify your workout
  • Aqua Boot Camp – The water becomes the ultimate workout partner in this intense pool-based workout
  • Aqua Stretch – A water-based class that focuses on stretching movements and techniques that improve flexibility
  • H20Bics – An aerobics-based water fitness class
  • Aqua Strength – A resistance-focused exercise class that uses the water movement to build strength
  • Aqua Tai Chi – Our expertly trained Tai Chi instructor amps up the experience by bringing the best of the Chinese martial arts practice to the pool
Ball Body Blast – An exhilarating total body experience that uses three different size balls and various weights to challenge your workout
Body Sculpting – Stability balls, bands, body bars, bosus, and weights come together to help sculpt, tone and strengthen your body
Boot Camp – A challenging circuit training class taught by one of our trainers
Barre – A challenging body toning class using a ballet barre

Yoga Classes

  • Vinyasa Yoga – An invigorating yoga class defined by breath work synchronized with movement as you flow from pose to pose
  • Chair Yoga – A chair is used to help improve the core-building workout of yoga with minimal physical impact
  • Hatha Yoga – This class incorporates many styles of yoga for those looking for a challenging yet tranquilizing experience
  • Multi-Level Flow Yoga – This class centers around smooth movements from pose to pose making it a favorite among all skill levels
  • Yoga Sculpt – A challenging yoga experience designed to sculpt and tone the body
Cycle 60 – A fat burning high-energy class on a stationary bike
Circuit Cardio Kickboxing – A cardio-centric kick-boxing class bringing together various techniques.
Cardio Ball – A challenging workout taught exclusively with various medicine balls.
Cardio Fusion – A invigorating workout that fuses cardio-based routines with aerobics and more. 
Cardio Strength – A strength training workout using advanced cardio exercises
Combat Cardio – An intense workout that uses elements of combat fighting and cardio to deliver a fat burning experience
Tai Chi – A Chinese martial arts style mind-body work out
Zumba – A popular dance and aerobics-based workout that uses hip hop, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo choreography to provide a cardio-focused workout
Zumba Sculpt – A new kind of work out that uses the choreographed elements from Zumba with the intense workout exercise in the Body Sculpt class
Pilates Sculpt Class – A combination class with Pilates, barre and body sculpting exercised designed to strengthen your core
Senior Classes – A custom designed class that brings together gentle movements and exercises to improve alignment, mobility, balance and strength
Fat Blaster – An intense 45 minutes of fat burning interval training, alternating low impact and plyometric movements followed by 15 minutes of cardio sculpt



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