Welcome to the new JCC!

Published Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome to the new JCC Jersey Shore!

As you navigate our new website, you'll notice that a lot is still under construction. Rather than wait until we had all the content and information you deserve, we decided to move forward and get the website up with as much pertinent information to start as possible. On web pages that lack crucial information, we give you our direct contact information so you can reach out to us. Rest assured, all sections of the website will soon be full of robust content and information so that most of your questions can be answered right here.

People who haven't been lucky enough to grow up in a J environment may be unaware of what that we're all about, but for those reading, I will remind past members (while introducing to our newest members) what we stand for: Community. And a community calls for an open dialog. As we continue to build the JCC Jersey Shore, along with pushing forward the construction of the website, we welcome your opinions.

Thank you for stopping by our website today. We look forward to showing you more in the near future.


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